The Substitute Season Two Bowing on Nickelodeon


Nickelodeon is set to premiere the second season of the hidden-camera prank series The Substitute.

Mexican social media sensation Juanpa Zurita, who is joining the series as host, will help undercover celebrities pull off a day of mayhem as substitutes for unsuspecting students. Season two of The Substitute will premiere on Nickelodeon on October 31.

In the season two premiere of The Substitute, actress, recording artist and author Ariel Martin goes undercover at a haunted house to pull off pranks on kids visiting with the Q Youth Foundation. Martin, with costumes and prosthetics to hide her identity, is transformed into three completely unrecognizable characters—an apothecary shop owner who is often suspected of being a witch, a field trip volunteer and a full-time ghost hunter.

During the reveal at the end of each prank at a school, camp or other similar location, each organization receives a $25,000 donation. Other celebrities participating in season two of The Substitute include Chloe Kim and Chris Paul.

The Substitute is produced by Industrial Media’s The Intellectual Property Corporation.