Superights on Board New Season of Clay Time


Superights has acquired the new season of Clay Time, which will now include a total of 90×3-minute and 90×1.5-minute episodes.

Produced by Studios Reaz for France TV, the preschool show aims to develop kids’ early learning through manual activity. Each episode is centered on an animal who will have to overcome little daily challenges.

The new season will include 30 new episodes of 3 minutes, presenting new characters. There are 30 1.5-minute tutorials that come in addition, allowing viewers to re-create their favorite animal at home.

Season three is currently in production, with the delivery of the episodes to start in December 2022.

Nathalie Pinguet, deputy general manager at Superights, said: “Clay Time retains that universal and timeless feel. I cannot wait to see our viewers discover the 30 new characters of this new season and re-create them at home!”

Studios Reaz’ Martin Rea added: “We are delighted to collaborate again with our partners: France TV and Superights. The production of this third season confirms the success of Clay Time both in France and abroad.”