Superights Adds Percy’s Tiger Tales to Catalog


Superights has secured a new distribution deal with Fabrique d’Images, in collaboration with Grid Animation, for the TV, VOD and home-video rights for ​Percy’s Tiger Tales.

Percy’s Tiger Tales ​follows the adventures of Percy, Sissibelle, Flap-Flap and Tatou, who each live in different imaginary worlds and invite each other to visit their unique locations. Through the deal, Superights now has in its catalog two seasons of the series, as well as four themed episodes that are currently in production—“Carnival,” “Halloween,” “Christmas” and “Summer.”

The first two seasons of Percy’s Tiger Tales have been acquired by such broadcasters such as ​Netflix ​(France, Belgium, Luxembourg), ​Nick Junior (Australia), ​YLE (Finland), ​TV5Monde ​(Monde), ​TVA​ (Canada), ​Kika ​(Germany) and ​Hop Channel​ (Israel), among others. The specials are scheduled for delivery ​between late 2021 and early 2022​.

Nathalie Pinguet, deputy managing director at Superights, said: “We are delighted to welcome these new heroes! With their colorful and enchanting universe, The series Percy’s Tiger Tales is a perfect addition to our catalog.”

Federico Milella, director of the series, added: “If reality is enhanced by imaginary worlds, the Percy’s Tiger Tales series offers no less than four! I’m delighted that the strengths of the fantastic team at Superights can promote a work that honors children’s imaginations.”​