Spotlight: Superights


The comedic antics of a lovable pup named Pat continue in the third season of Pat the Dog, which Superights is showcasing for international buyers.

The company also has a second season of Clay Time along with the series That’s Joey! “These three highlights strengthen our strategy of offering a diversified selection of top-quality programming available on all linear and nonlinear media platforms,” says Nathalie Pinguet, deputy managing director of sales and acquisitions.

“They cover all topics a buyer could look for to complete its programming grid: action, comedy, humor, edutainment, creativity, tenderness and friendship.” Pinguet adds, “Pat the Dog is already an international IP, the modeling-clay activity with Clay Time is universal, and the humor with That’s Joey! is a common denominator of all the children in the world.”

She notes, “We are committed to constantly offering new shows to our customers.”