Spotlight: Nelvana


In Nelvana’s Super Wish, Jesse Cameron accidentally wishes for his birthday party to disappear.

This leads him and his friends to journey through The Happy Land of Birthdays to reverse his wish and get back home.

“The series is the perfect age-appropriate introduction to fantasy for the older-skewing preschool demographic,” says Pam Westman, president of Nelvana.

Based on the real-life Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott, Builder Brothers Dream Factory centers on transformation, innovation and resilience.

The Dog & Pony Show follows two best friends who leave the fantastical world of Rainbow Fjörd to explore UniCity. “The series’ animation is set against cinematic backdrops, allowing graphic characters to live in realism, helping to bridge the two worlds of younger to older kid demographics,” says Westman.

Westman adds, “Our 2022 plans include the development and production of even more creator-driven series and expansion into other formats and styles of content.”