Spotlight: Kidoodle.TV


Brenda Bisner, chief content officer for Kidoodle.TV, shines a spotlight on the service’s unique position as a safe-streaming channel for kids as it continues to expand its reach around the globe while bolstering its content catalog.

Available in more than 140 countries, Kidoodle.TV has “seen a roaring 160-plus percent increase in monthly active users since the beginning of social distancing measures,” according to Bisner. “Kidoodle.TV continues to exhibit strong growth as a result of its activities designed to support content providers and brands, and ensure a maximum value proposition for parents.”

“With over 21,000 episodes and growing weekly, we are proud to have meaningful content partnerships that not only provide creators with an additional revenue stream, but that also harnesses and protects their great content within our safe streaming environment.”

As Kidoodle.TV keeps an eye out for content to add to its slate, it’s in search of big traditional brand names as well as user-generated content. The platform is “excited to work with any creators with originality and quality content,” says Bisner, adding, “Gamers are another major focus as we see the trend reports coming in and are measuring the success of the existing gaming content we have on the service.”  

Reaching high-, middle- and low-income ranges around the world, Kidoodle.TV knows that all of its customers have a singular priority top-of-mind. “What we know about our customers is that they are increasingly aware of the need for safety when it comes to their kids streaming while they are working from home and tending to multiple household duties,” says Bisner. “Every day we hear from parents thanking us for being the safe streaming channel they have been looking for.”