Spotlight: IMPS/Lafig


In the new The Smurfs series that IMPS has on offer, Peyo’s beloved characters are returning to TV screens for a 3D version of the classic animation.

“Using pure Smurf DNA from the comic books, this new series aimed at girls and boys is pushing the charm and absurdity of the original to greater heights, fitting in perfectly with today’s faster-paced times,” says Nele De Wilde, head of sales, production and business development for audiovisual and music at IMPS/Lafig.

Also in IMPS’s catalog is the original The Smurfs series developed by Hanna-Barbera in the ’80s, with dubbings available in more than 40 languages. The feature film The Smurfs and the Magic Flute, which has undergone UHD restoration, is based on the original Johan and Peewit comic books by Peyo.

De Wilde adds, “The Smurfs is a worldwide renowned evergreen brand, loved by generations of kids all around the world.”