Planeta Junior & IMPS Ink Smurfs Deal


Planeta Junior has secured a deal to act as the licensing agent for the IMPS property The Smurfs in Spain and Portugal.

Under the pact, Planeta Junior will manage all IP consumer products for both the classic brand and the new animated films and series. Based on the world created by Belgian comic artist Peyo in 1958, the new CGI animation series targets 5- to 10-year-olds and comprises 52 11-minute episodes, set to launch globally in 2021.

Veronique Culliford, founder and president of IMPS/The Smurfs and daughter of Peyo, stated: “We are very happy to collaborate in Spain and Portugal with Planeta Junior, who will for sure carry on The Smurfs image with great emotion for children, big and small.”

Ignacio Segura, general manager at Planeta Junior, said: “The Smurfs are among the most iconic and beloved characters ever created. We are proud to manage this property in Spain and Portugal, where these little blue creatures have been around several generations for 60 years and keep smurfing kids nowadays. We are sure that both adults and kids will love the amazing products we are developing that will take The Smurfs to places never explored before.”