Spiffy Pictures Ups Caroline Bandolik


Caroline Bandolik has been promoted to VP of production at the Chicago-based creative development and production company Spiffy Pictures.

In her new role, Bandolik serves as supervising producer on PBS KIDS’ puppet series Donkey Hodie, a co-production between Spiffy Pictures and Fred Rogers Productions. She is also supervising producer of the upcoming animated series Carl the Collector, PBS KIDS’ first show centering on autistic characters.

Additionally, Bandolik serves as producer of the long-running animated series Nature Cat.

Bandolik joined Spiffy as a producer in 2014.

Spiffy co-founders Adam Rudman and David Rudman said, “Caroline has been an integral member of the Spiffy team for ten years. She is an extraordinary producer with a wealth of experience working across both animated and live-action series. We look forward to her continuing to bring her exceptional instincts and insight, along with her positive and hilarious nature, to every one of our projects.”