Spellbound Greenlit for Season Two


The live-action tween series Spellbound has been greenlit for a second season, with 13 new episodes to come.

The new season is produced by Cottonwood Media in co-production with ZDF, ZDF Studios and Opéra national de Paris, with negotiations underway with further broadcast partners.

The series combines ballet, magic, witchcraft and more, with diversity and inclusivity at the heart of the production. Spellbound follows the captivating adventures of American teenager Cece Parker Jones who relocates to France to study dance at the Paris Opera Ballet School, only to discover she is also a ‘Wizen,’ a witch with untapped potential, and has to navigate the challenges of her new life—balancing friendship, romance, dance and her newfound powers.

Federation Kids & Family and ZDF Studios are handling worldwide sales.

Co-founders of Cottonwood Media, David Michel, Cécile Lauritano and Zoé Carrera Allaix, said: “As with all our live-action series, we have pooled a team of creatives who have also worked on award-winning primetime series, bringing a unique quality and feel to the production. With its stunning visual graphics, entertaining storylines, vibrant characters and season one ending on the edge of a real cliffhanger, we look forward to the Spellbound adventure continuing to work its magic on audiences worldwide.”

Nicole Keeb, head of international co-productions and acquisitions for children and youth programs at ZDF, commented: “We are delighted to see the story of Spellbound continue. I am convinced that kids and teenagers all around the world will be very excited too.”

Arne Lohmann, VP Junior at ZDF Studios, added: “Season one of Spellbound took us by storm with a fantastic, diverse cast and breathtaking sceneries of the Parisian ballet world. Cece and her friends will charm us even more with the new episodes. It is a pleasure to team up again with our friends at Cottonwood Media.”