RTL+, Super RTL & Sesame Workshop Team for New Show


RTL+, Super RTL and Sesame Workshop are working together on Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck with Steffen Henssler, a new cooking show for German children and families.

TV chef Steffen Henssler will be featured alongside the beloved Cookie Monster and Gonger, a Sesame Street character appearing on German TV for the first time. Debuting in spring 2023, the 13-episode series will air on RTL+ and Super RTL.

The new cooking series is produced by MoveMe together with RTL+ and Super RTL exclusively for the German market.

Super RTL Managing Director Thorsten Braun said, “It makes us very proud that after debuting Sesame Street Mecha Builders, we can now present another format from Sesame Workshop. Characters such as Cookie Monster have been firm fixtures on children’s television for decades. It’s very special for us to now be able to introduce the Muppets of Sesame Street to the next generation.”

“We are delighted to be working with RTL+ and Super RTL to bring the show Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck with Steffen Henssler to life,” said Stefan Kastenmüller, general manager for Europe of Sesame Workshop. “Sesame Workshop has always addressed important topics in a relevant and engaging way for children and families. This newest series is about sustainability and nutrition and brings awareness about healthy foods to children at an early age.”

“Elmo, Grover and especially Cookie Monster were formative figures of my childhood,” said Henssler. “Now to stand together with them in the Foodie Truck, it’s a childhood dream come true.”