Pyramide Productions & Superprod Partner for Anatole Latuile Film


Pyramide Productions and Superprod have partnered to develop Anatole Latuile, a live-action film adaptation of the comic books created by Olivier Muller, Anne Didier and Clément Devaux.

The comics follow a young schoolboy whose mischievous creativity frequently results in disaster. Jean-André Yerles (Two is a Family, The Gilded Cage) and Jonathan Barré (Max & Leon, The Wannabes) are writing the adaptation alongside Didier and Muller.

The script is currently underway and shooting is scheduled to begin in 2023. Barré is set to direct.

Stéphane Parthenay and Philippe Leconte, producers at Pyramide Productions, said, “Our children were the ones who made us discover the adventures of Anatole Latuile and his friends. We are very honored by the trust that Bayard Publishing as well as Anne Didier and Olivier Muller, the creators of the comic book series drawn by Clément Devaux, have shown by allowing us to develop the live-action adaptation of their work. And we are elated that Superprod, whose dynamism and creativity we appreciate, has enthusiastically accepted to accompany us on this venture!”

Clément Calvet and Jérémie Fajner, founders and producers of Superprod, added, “When our friends from Pyramide Productions asked us to collaborate on a film about Anatole Latuile, we immediately jumped at the chance! He is a very endearing character and the idol of a whole generation. Family comedy is our favorite genre, and it is with great pleasure that we join Anatole’s joyful band to bring him to life in a new way.”