Public Media Distribution Launches Kids’ Label


MIAMI/ARLINGTON: Public Media Distribution has launched SkipRope, a new label created for the release of children’s programming on DVD and digital.

New releases from Public Media Distribution for Mia and me and Kate & Mim-Mim will feature the SkipRope label. The first Kate & Mim-Mim DVD, Flight of the Flowers, is slated to become available on March 1. The 65-minute DVD will feature six spring-themed stories meant to inspire youngsters to play outside.

Debbie Ries, managing partner at the DARP Group, is leading Public Media Distribution’s efforts to secure additional content for release through SkipRope. The label’s logo and associated imagery, which includes jacks and a jump rope, are intended to evoke fun, whimsy and the idea of a playground.

“SkipRope will provide parents and caregivers with an easily recognizable label they can look for and trust to deliver quality content and immersive entertainment experiences,” said Andrea Downing, co-president of Public Media Distribution. “Public Media Distribution has extensive experience launching and marketing children’s programs within the home entertainment marketplace, including Mia and me and Suzy’s Zoo. As we look to continue to increase the number of children’s programs and series we distribute, the SkipRope label will play an important role in our future success.”