Paramount Pacts with Described and Captioned Media Program


Paramount Global and the Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) have partnered to ensure that hundreds of hours of Nickelodeon’s animated and live-action series will be accessible to families with young viewers and students with disabilities.

The multiyear agreement begins with several Nickelodeon series, including Bossy Bear, Tiny Chef Show, Blue’s Clues & You! and Santiago of the Seas, and will include distribution via DCMP’s free streaming services for families and schools. Additional Nickelodeon series will be made available on DCMP’s services on a rolling basis through 2029.

The Nickelodeon series will air and stream with captions and audio descriptions. Audio description is a secondary audio track with additional narration that provides access to key visual elements of a video for persons who are blind, without interfering with the audio or dialogue.

Mark Turits, VP of captioning and audio description for Paramount Global Access Services, said: “This opportunity enables Paramount Global to expand the reach and accessibility of our content to the DCMP audience, which includes young viewers and their families, through added audio description on Nickelodeon. The impact and nature of this partnership is something that the DCMP and our Paramount team are proud of.”

“We are proud to be partnering with Paramount Global to make important programming accessible for children who are blind and visually impaired,” said DCMP’s CTO, Kyle Sisk. “Not only will more high-quality television content be accessible to the public but teachers and families will benefit from DCMP’s targeted distribution to schools.”