Om Nom Stories Picked Up for Fix&Foxi TV


Your Family Entertainment (YFE) has struck a deal with the development company ZeptoLab that brings the animated series Om Nom Stories to Fix&Foxi TV.

Om Nom Stories adds to the roster of series on Fix&Foxi TV that deliver non-violent entertainment and are “kids safe” and “brand safe.” The show blends humor, heart and educational moments.

Laurence Robinet, chief broadcast officer at Your Family Entertainment, said: “We are thrilled to have the exciting Om Nom adventures in our program from now on. This will provide our young viewers and families with new heroes and ever more entertaining and educational content.”

Anna Shchur, executive producer and head of animation at ZeptoLab, added: “We are excited to bring Om Nom Stories to Fix&Foxi TV. We hope Om Nom’s adventures will delight and entertain viewers of all ages, and we couldn’t be happier to share our animation series with Fix&Foxi TV’s wonderful audience!”