New Tween Drama for Teen Nick Israel


Sky, a tween drama series from Nutz Productions and creator Giora Chamizer, is slated to bow on Teen Nick Israel later this year.

Sky tells the story of the titular alien girl, whose spaceship accidentally crashes in a small town on Earth. As she waits to be rescued, she transforms into the body of the most popular girl in high school to disguise herself. With the help of her trio of goofy friends, Sky must survive two weeks on Earth without being discovered.

Chamizer and Nutz Productions previously teamed up for Hahamama (The Greenhouse), which was remade for Netflix as The Greenhouse Academy, with Chamizer acting as the series’ showrunner and Nutz Productions producing all seasons in Israel. The U.S. adaptation has launched in over 190 countries. Season four is set to launch in 2020.