New CBC Kids Show to Separate Fact from Fiction


CBC Kids has given the go-ahead to the mixed-media series Holy Baloney from marblemedia for broadcast later this year.

Holy Baloney challenges young viewers to guess the answers to everyday questions. The 10×3-minute play-along show is being produced by Matt Hornburg and Mark Bishop of marblemedia, along with Jesse Shamata, creator of Gaming Show (In My Parents’ Garage).

The international rights for Holy Baloney will be held by marblemedia’s Distribution360. The program is due to debut in spring 2018 on CBC Kids and the CBC TV app.

“marblemedia is always looking for fun, engaging and informative projects that appeal to a broad audience,” said Matt Hornburg, co-CEO of marblemedia. “In Holy Baloney, we ask the big everyday questions—Why is the sky blue? Why do we shake hands? The type of questions we all asked as kids and sometimes don’t remember as adults, or would be surprised by the real answer. The series offers a fun way for inquisitive people of all ages to learn the answers to life’s toughest questions together.”