More Global Licensing Agents On Board Miraculous


MUNICH: ZAG has signed additional licensing agencies to represent the animated superhero series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir across the globe.

TF1 (France), SAMG (Korea), Toei Animation (Japan) and Planeta Junior (Iberia, CEE, Turkey and Greece) have all signed on to represent Zag Heroez’s 3D CGI-animated comedy-action series. In addition, DeAgostini is on board for Italy, J&M Brands for Benelux, Bulldog for the U.K. and Eire, Plus Licens for Nordics and Russia, CLM for South Africa and Mediogen for Israel. Other new licensees are Haven for Australia, Segal Licensing for Canada, Gloob/Kasmanas for Brazil, Doce for Chile and Peru, and Team! Licensing for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

These agencies join Bandai America and 35 other licensees that are already part of the Miraculous licensing program. Among the brand’s other partners are Hachette, Soleil and Leomil in France; Evy of California, Accessory Innovations, Franco and Shout! Factory in the U.S.; Malwee, Grendene and Sulamerica in Brazil; and Haksan, Leaders Pharm and Chaeekun Korea in Korea.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir airs in more than 120 markets, including on Nickelodeon in the U.S., and on Disney Channel in Europe and Latin America. The series also runs on free-to-air broadcasters such as TF1 in France, EBS in Korea and ABC in Australia, among others. It centers on a teenage girl who serves as a crime-fighting superhero named Ladybug alongside her partner, Cat Noir.