MIPTV Spotlight: ABC Commercial


CANNES: The live-action preschool series SplashDance, which ABC Commercial is promoting at MIPTV, is meant to encourage imagination through movement.

Hoot Hoot Go!, meanwhile, is a mixed-media preschool program that follows a group of friends as they solve problems. There are also highlights led by the children’s entertainment group The Wiggles, including Ready, Steady, Wiggle! and the Yellow Wiggle spin-off series Emma! “Buyers love The Wiggles because they resonate with preschoolers around the world,” says Tony Iffland, ABC Commercial’s general manager of content sales. “For 25 years now, their success stems from their signature music and dance—the perfect combination of warmth, entertainment and education.”

“We are incredibly lucky to work with extremely talented producers who create high-quality, distinct children’s content that resonates with buyers and children alike, is world-renowned and has wide appeal,” Iffland says.