MIPJunior Spotlight: Superights


The lovable pup Pat is back for a second season of Pat the Dog, one of Superights’ highlights for the market.

Natalie Pinguet, the company’s deputy managing director for international sales and acquisitions, says: “After a successful first season aired in more than 180 territories with prestigious broadcasters such as Turner’s channels in EMEA and Asia Pacific; Disney Channel in the U.S., Spain and Germany; and Discovery Kids in Latin America, our little Pat is back with new adventures!”

Bo Bear represents Superights’ first live-action program intended for a preschool audience. In each episode, a teddy bear spends time with a different child.

Superights is also offering the edutainment series Clay Time. The show invites preschoolers to develop their imaginations through modeling clay. It is comprised of 30 3-minute animated episodes, each accompanied by a short live tutorial.