MIPCOM Spotlight: Mondo TV


CANNES: Mondo TV and Aurora World have reported a strong broadcast and licensing response for YooHoo & Friends 3D, the brand-new series based on the YooHoo & Friends line of plush toys made by Aurora World.

“This new series has everything: great characters, interesting and diverse guest stars, adventure, humor and a message everyone can identify with,” says Matteo Corradi, the CEO of Mondo TV. “It’s also beautifully designed and animated. YooHoo & Friends 3D is a wonderful addition to Mondo and Aurora’s powerful offering of high-quality children’s entertainment.”

More than 80 million plush toys have been sold since the worldwide launch of the line in 2007, and the global awareness has helped to drive interest for the show, which has a strong environmental theme. Key product licenses are close to being finalized in a number of categories for the brand, and discussions are under way in the master toy category.