MIPJunior Spotlight: FremantleMedia Kids & Family


The STEM-based animated comedy Bitz & Bob and its live-action companion series, Bitz & Bob You Can Do It Too, are part of FremantleMedia Kids & Family’s longstanding co-pro pact with BBC Children’s.

“Girls need strong TV characters they can identify with, and Bitz & Bob not only fills that remit but also addresses the global shortage of female engineers—the first to do so in a preschool show,” says Rick Glankler, the president and general manager of FremantleMedia Kids & Family. “Bitz & Bob is designed to encourage a new generation of engineers.”

The company is also presenting the second season of the Danger Mouse reboot, as well as Tasty Tales of the Food Truckers, an animated slapstick comedy series that is being co-produced with Shellhut Entertainment in Thailand. “FremantleMedia Kids & Family produces and develops standout shows across all genres and age groups,” adds Glankler.