marblemedia, TVO & Henson Partner for Hi Opie! Spin-off


TORONTO: marblemedia is collaborating with TVO, City Saskatchewan, Knowledge Network and The Jim Henson Company on the production of Opie’s Home, a spin-off of the hit preschool series Hi Opie!

Opie’s Home follows the titular 4-year-old as he discovers new things in and around his house. The 39×7-minute live-action show is currently in production in Ontario and is slated to begin airing next year. marblemedia’s Distribution360 will share the broadcast and digital distribution with Henson, which will also handle the series’ format rights and L&M around the globe.

“With Opie’s Home, we wanted to explore the fun of family life from the 4-year-old point of view,” said showrunner Miklos Perlus. “With its realistic shooting style and production design, and its relatable stories and characters, Opie’s Home is preschool comedy that parents and kids are really going to enjoy watching together.”

Opie’s Home will help kids learn the skills required to make a smooth transition from home to kindergarten,” added Marney Malabar, the director of kids’ TV at TVO. “Episodes will feature Opie’s day-to-day interactions at home, reading and playing with his family and neighbors, as well as his family routine before and after school, helping kids to be successful both inside and outside the classroom.”

Opie’s Home will feature an interactive web experience and mobile app, in development with marblemedia’s interactive team, which will be available in Canada on the TVO Kids website.