Little Engine Partners with Dark Slope


Little Engine Moving Pictures has tapped Dark Slope as its virtual service production partner to develop a CGI puppet animation workflow.

The two will integrate Dark Slope’s motion-capture technologies into Little Engine’s puppetry and animation hybrid process, developed by creator, showrunner and animator Ben Mazzotta. The new workflow is currently being used in the production of a preschool series.

The new integrated method benefits the quality and speed of productions and allows for the team to plan and iterate how the story int old and make dynamic adjustments with the actors as they record the animation in real time.

“Dark Slope’s expertise is truly elevating our animated series through virtual production,” said Maria Kennedy, owner and executive producer at Little Engine Moving Pictures. “Our characters and world evolved significantly, from us puppeteering marionettes against green screen with motion-tracked faces animated in post, to real actors embodying our characters through high-quality motion capture. The transformation to 3D animated characters in our 2D animated world is a real game changer.”

“It is such a pleasure to work with the creative team at Little Engine Moving Pictures to help realize their vision,” added Christine Thompson, head of animation production at Dark Slope. “Dark Slope has a talented team with the know-how to match the right virtual production technology and techniques with the specific vision of the show—from motion capture for animation to LED volume for live-action content.”