Keith Chapman Inks Development Deal with Island of Misfits


Island of Misfits (IoM) Media Ventures has signed a development project deal with Keith Chapman, the creator of Paw Patrol and Bob the Builder, for a new animated series tentatively titled Farmer Mars.

The CGI series, aimed at preschool-aged children 3 to 6, is an original concept created by Chapman. Set on the planet Mars, the show follows a young Earth boy named Rob who gets a job on a farm owned and operated by the upbeat yet absent-minded owner, Farmer Mars.

“We are very excited to partner with Keith to bring the lovable Farmer Mars to life,” said Dana Landry, president and CEO of IoM. “With his long legacy of creating some of the world’s most recognizable cartoons and characters, we are thrilled to help create a brand new space-themed universe for children to enjoy—one that is consistent with our vision to bring out the child in all of us.”

“I am very much looking forward to working with IoM to create this compelling world of characters and stories,” added Chapman. “Our fascination with Mars is set to escalate over the coming years as planned missions to the Red Planet draw ever closer. The timing is perfect for the development and production of a Mars-themed show.”