Incredible Film Boards Tummy Tom Projects


Dutch sales company Incredible Film has boarded several 2D hand-drawn animated preschool features starring Tummy Tom.

Tummy Tom first appeared in Sesame Street in 1978, and Dutch publisher Gottmer began publishing Jet Boeke’s stories about the mischievous orange cat in 1983. Incredible Film has teamed with BosBros and Phanta Animation for four films centered on the character.

“We think it is now time for Tummy Tom to become a real movie star and want to continue the adventures of Tummy Tom in the form of feature films for toddlers and preschoolers,” said Burny Bos, producer at BosBros.

“Within a four-year time frame, we are planning to produce four Tummy Tom feature films,” said Petra Goedings, owner of Phanta Animation. “Financing of the first film, Tummy Tom’s Teddybear, is in place and production has started. The second one is close to being financed, and the last two films are expected to be financed by the end of 2024.”

“With the first film ready for delivery by Spring 2024 and the second one by December 2024, we are now starting to sell the international exploitation rights of the films,” said Daniëlle Raaphorst, CEO of Incredible Film. “We are very much looking forward to sharing the first test footage with our partners.”