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Globo Group’s Tatiana Costa

Tatiana Costa, general director of the children’s unit of the Globo Group, talks to TV Kids about working with linear and nonlinear players to bring young audiences content that connects through emotions.

Among the channels in the Globo Group bouquet, Gloob and Gloobinho have been delivering young ones programming that informs and entertains, and this programming is making its way to markets far outside its native Brazil.

***Image***TV KIDS: What kind of children’s content is most in demand in today’s market?
COSTA: Our live-action [programs] are the great highlights in meetings with international players, who recognize the high quality of production that we have in our work. We offer content produced locally and with a global vision, able to connect by emotion. These are enchanting stories with strong characters, which children can recognize themselves in and be inspired by.

More generally, multiplatform content is today the great differential of the children’s market, following the new consumption trends of this audience. Gloob, in turn, has developed its projects with an innovative look and the possibility of unfolding on several platforms. This content has great potential for engagement, regardless of the platform.

TV KIDS: What are some of Globosat’s latest offerings in the children’s content space?
COSTA: Bugados (Game Crashers) was the highlight of MIP Junior and will be the focus of our distribution plans in 2020. It is a sitcom that attracts with the differentiated theme of real life versus virtual, showing the emotions of children in these two worlds, and with a universal sentiment. The great differential of this production is the break of some stereotypes so common in this production model. For example, the [bright] girl from school is also willing to participate in some of the mess led by her classmates in the classroom. As in every child, there is also a plurality in these characters.

Besides Game Crashers, we had the launch of GigaBlaster, a great offer from Gloob in terms of animation that draws attention for presenting extremely diverse and unusual characters. It was a beautiful bet on a piece of content with [wacky] humor and that has borne good fruit.

TV KIDS: How is the balance between working with linear players and digital platforms, and is this shifting in either direction?
COSTA: Regardless of the platform, what the market is looking for is quality content to meet its strategies, whether they are for linear or nonlinear platforms. However, they are different trading modalities, and several factors interfere. I would say that we have to think more deeply about each opportunity. But it is a fact that there is no way to disregard one option to the detriment of another, because both players can bring great revenue opportunities, depending mainly on the territory.

TV KIDS: What is the hallmark of the kind of children’s programs that Globosat wants to offer to the market?
COSTA: Producing quality content with engaging stories that connect through emotions are our differential. It is in the essence of the Globo Group, as well as the commitment to quality. In addition to the high technical level, our content delivers fundamental values for each stage of children’s development. We value diversity, teamwork and the empowerment of children. Proof of this international recognition are the numerous awards and nominations we have received over our seven years present in this market. Original productions such as D.P.A.—Blue Building Detectives, Gaby Estrella and Escola de Gênios are already known internationally and are present in more than 40 territories around the world.

TV KIDS: What are your priorities for 2020?
COSTA: To increasingly internationalize the production of Globo channels, seeking territories not yet explored and focusing on where potential consumers are. Our content has the ability to engage the most demanding audience through stories that connect by emotion.

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