Glammys School of Fashion Vlog to Debut at MIPJunior


ROME: European Television Service is launching its first animated production, Glammys School of Fashion Vlog, at MIPJunior.

This represents the official debut of the project, for which production was completed in April. Each episode of the 13×2-minute comedy series is styled as a video blog and features a different character. Glammys School of Fashion Vlog follows a group of boys and girls who are passionate about fashion.

Glammys-School-of-Fashion-Vlog-1016The boys and girls attend a famous school, where they hope to fulfill their dreams of becoming the next big stars of the fashion business, with each seeking to fill a different role, including designer, makeup artist or fashion show organizer. The series is aimed at kids aged 6 to 9. Glammys School of Fashion Vlog was animated by Italian animation studio Maga Animation, which is behind projects such as Extreme Football (Foot2Rue Extrême).