Federation Kids & Family Sends Squish into Israel, Belgium


Federation Kids & Family has secured presales for Cottonwood Media’s animated comedy Squish in Belgium and Israel.

RTBF and VRT in Belgium and Hop! in Israel scooped up the slapstick series. Co-produced by Cottonwood Media and Planeta Junior in partnership with Gulli, Squish follows the adventures of a grade school amoeba trying to find his place in a single-cell world.

David Michel, the president of Federation Kids & Family and Cottonwood Media, commented, “Our super-talented creative team, and the broadcasters, have been very excited about the refreshing uniqueness of this property. In today’s market, where a lot of shows look and feel alike, Squish really stands out wherever it’s shown. It is visually distinct, original in concept and bold in its humor, while being a true, parent-friendly 6 to 11 high-comedy show.”