Gulli, RTVE Pick Up Froggie


Banijay Kids & Family has licensed the new animated series Froggie to M6 Group’s Gulli in France and RTVE’s Clan in Spain.

From Eric Noto-Loubier and Cécile Sady, the series follows 11-year-old Froggie, who grew up in a huge city and is suddenly forced to live in a small town in the middle of the country. Co-produced by Monello Productions (part of Banijay Kids & Family) and Pikkukala, the 52×11.5-minute series is aimed at a 6-plus audience.

Cécile Sady, COO at Monello Productions, said: “There’s a universality to the themes of friendship, finding your identity and dealing with change, and we’ve combined these with some brilliant humor, which we hope will entertain young audiences around the world. I’m incredibly passionate about this project and am delighted both RTVE and Gulli, the first kids channel in France, have committed to the series.”