EBU Reveals New Animation Projects for 2024


The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has selected to fund Creative Conspiracy’s Ray & Ruby and Fleng Entertainment ApS’s Pig & Andersen in 2024.

The two projects were chosen from over 70 projects that were presented last year at Cartoon Forum. Ray & Ruby follows the adventures of mouse twins as they navigate the world within a magnificent castle, and Pig & Andersen is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s works.

Under the coordination of the EBU, and at the initiative of France Télévisions and Cartoon Forum, a group of 15 public-service broadcasters have committed over €130,000 to the development of the two series. Participating broadcasters are VRT (Belgium), ARD/SWR (Germany), DR (Denmark), RTVE (Spain), Yle (Finland), France Télévisions (France), BBC (U.K.), RTÉ (Ireland), Rai (Italy), LTV (Latvia), NPO (Netherlands), NRK (Norway), RTP (Portugal), SVT (Sweden) and RTVS (Slovakia).

The pilots for Ray & Ruby and Pig & Andersen are set to be delivered in September 2024.

Matthew Trustram, head of television at the EBU, said: “For many decades, EBU members have been collaborating on globally loved animation series, perhaps most famously with The Animals of Farthing Wood several years ago. This new initiative shows our members renewing this spirit of collaboration to secure the most exciting new content for young audiences in a competitive market.”

Pierre Siracusa, director of children’s and education and head of animation at France Télévisions, commented: “I’m delighted to see collaboration between public broadcasters on the development of animation projects, taking shape under the efficient organization of the EBU. Thanks to the EBU and Cartoon Forum, we can join forces, discuss the best European projects and strengthen our commitment to European animation producers.”

Annick Maes, general director of Cartoon, added: “Cartoon Forum supports initiatives which gather, under European leadership, energies, people, companies and projects. We are happy to have welcomed this joint initiative that gives European public media broadcasters the opportunity to join forces and to consolidate European animation.”