DISCOP Johannesburg Spotlight: Mondo TV


There are two seasons of the animated series Robot Trains on offer from Mondo TV, which will be attending DISCOP Johannesburg.

The company will also be presenting to buyers at the market the live-action shows Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa and Heidi Bienvenida al Show. Both series focus on a country girl who has relocated to the city. Further highlights include Adventures in Duckport and Sissi the Young Empress. “These shows target different genders and age groups,” says Micheline Azoury, Mondo TV’s head of acquisitions and TV sales.

“For DISCOP Johannesburg we are inviting all African platforms—linear or nonlinear—to visit us to discuss the kids’ channel offering that we are working on and aiming to launch for 2018,” Azoury says. She adds that the company has already been successfully selling its children’s programming in Africa for more than nine years now.