DeAPlaneta to Represent Hero Inside Across Europe & LatAm


DeAPlaneta Entertainment has inked a deal to serve as the master licensing agent and media and digital distribution partner for Hero Inside across Europe and Latin America.

From CJ ENM, Million Volt Animation Studios, Tencent Video and YGG Global, the superhero series is set to find its way to screens around the world through Warner Bros. Discovery, which acquired the global broadcasting rights.

The 11×13-minute show begins when a cartoonist mysteriously disappears after drawing 100 superheroes across 100 comic books without ever publishing them. His proofread books end up scattered across San Francisco. When a 13-year-old boy stumbles upon one of them, he casually says the hero’s name, and the hero jumps out from the book and changes his life.

Warner Bros. Discovery has already commissioned a second season, which is currently in production. It plans to premiere the series in Latin America this month. The series’ debut will continue to unfold throughout the rest of 2023 and 2024, reaching Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, the U.S. and Canada.

DeAPlaneta Entertainment will work closely with Warner Bros. Discovery to ensure an optimal launch.

“At DeaPlaneta Entertainment we know how difficult it is to find IPs capable of attracting a universal audience, whether in America, Europe or Asia,” said Diego Ibáñez Belaustegui, chief brand officer of DeAPlaneta Entertainment. “Hero Inside, with its spectacular animation and its very human superheroes, achieves it thanks to a provocative proposal of frantic action that grabs you episode by episode.”

“The ultimate goal for Hero Inside is to become an iconic global superhero brand,” noted Meang Joo-gong, founder and CEO of Million Volt and director of Hero Inside. “We plan to expand the universe of Hero Inside beyond the animated series into feature films, spin-offs, games, comic books and a range of products beloved by kids and audiences alike.”

“We deeply believe in the excellency of Million Volt’s crew and most of all, director Meang Joo-gong, who has already proven himself as a competitive director worldwide,” commented Yi Jong-min, head of CJ ENM’s IP development center. “We look forward to showing unique and creative characters and attractive stories to more global audiences, and we are one million percent sure that they will love it.”