DDEG to Integrate Unreal Engine Tech into Animation Pipeline


Digital Dimension Entertainment Group (DDEG) has received its second Epic MegaGrant to aid the integration of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine technology into its animation pipeline.

Fred Faubert, chief creative officer at DDEG, said, “This latest Epic MegaGrant will allow us to enhance our production pipeline and help us create fantastical universes for our properties such as Chase and CATCH and Aiko and the Masters of Time.”

“We were the first in the industry to render a series entirely using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine technology, beginning with the first two seasons of Zafari for NBCUniversal, and it was a huge success,” Faubert added.

Martin Walker, CTO at DDEG, said, “The promise of faster iterations using real-time rendering tools relies on adapting our workflow processes to take advantage of live updates during reviews and approvals. Ultimately, we wish to create production efficiencies so we can concentrate on higher-quality deliverables within shorter timelines while using the full power of the Unreal Engine features. The objective is to implement a robust production pipeline centered on real-time rendering using advanced creative/production tools and methodologies based on proven animation workflows.”