Cyber Group Co-Pro to Teach Kids About Diversity


PARIS: Cyber Group Studios, Folivari and Winds have partnered for the co-production of Menino and the Children of the World, a new hybrid series combining live action and animation.

Menino and the Children of the World follows a little animated boy who explores the lives of real-life kids around the globe. The 52×7-minute program, geared toward viewers between the ages of 4 and 7, draws inspiration from the documentary film On the Way to School and the animated movie The Boy and the World. Its global distribution will be managed by Cyber Group Studios.

Pierre Sissmann, Cyber Group’s chairman and CEO, commented: “I am thrilled with this collaboration which will [bring] to life a series destinated to kids around the world, showcasing the world of children diversity.”

Didier Brunner, producer and associate at Folivari and creator of the show, added: “’Nothing that belongs to mankind is foreign to me’ says Montaigne, a great Renaissance humanist. This quote perfectly sums up this series’ ambition [to] bring the children of the world to the other children of the world. We are very proud to co-produce this ambitious project with our friends Winds and Cyber Group Studios.”