Creation Entertainment, Magic Frame to Adapt Children’s Christmas Books


Creation Entertainment Media and Magic Frame Animation have teamed to co-develop and produce film adaptations of Georges Alexander Vagan’s Christmas-set book series beginning with Paul Martin and the Magic Magnifying Glass.

The first film, expected for release in 2025, will be based on the first book in the series, which follows 11-year-old Paul, who lost his father at an early age and lost faith in Christmas and Saint Nicholas. By chance, he comes across the Magic Magnifying Glass, which has been stolen from Saint Nicholas by his enemy.

Across books, e-books and audio books, Vagan’s series has sold more than 100,000 copies around the world. Originally written in French, the books and audio books are available in a variety of languages, including English, German, Italian and Spanish. There are five published novels, with a sixth currently being written.

Sefi Carmel’s Creation Entertainment Media and Magic Frame Animation previously worked together on the hit Netflix film Secret Magic Control Agency.

“I couldn’t ask for a better partnership to turn Paul Martin’s fantasy detective world into films fit for the screen,” Vagan said. “The first book, and now film, introduces Paul to the world. The second, called The Order of The Star of Bethlehem, returns when Paul is grown up and has become a journalist, leading an investigation of a mysterious murder. The third, The Crown of Seven Kingdoms, delves even further into the battle between light, Saint Nicholas and darkness, Paul’s enemy Arius. The fourth finds Paul nearing the end of his life, when his legacy depends on his grandson Jean-Pierre to save the world. The true meaning at the core of all of these stories, however, is that it is only love that can save the world.”

Lidia Chirita, head of sales and co-productions at Magic Frame Animation, noted, “This magical book series is much loved already by families and children across the world and lends itself perfectly to a wintery adventure to be told through animation. There is a beautiful depth to the universe Georges has created with Paul Martin, and we are looking forward to telling it to more audiences and using our signature animation styles and experienced creatives to paint a Christmas world for the screen.”