Show on Canadian History to Air on TVOKids


MONTREAL: Canada’s Apartment 11 Productions is due to release a pair of educational kids’ series this year for TVOKids.

Premiering this month, The Mystery Files helps teach kids about Canadian history and society. After each episode, viewers can play the online adventure game Mystery Files HQ. Meanwhile, the science-themed show Finding Stuff Out heads into production later in the year for its fourth season.

“We’re really excited to premiere The Mystery Files and for the production of the fourth season of Finding Stuff Out,” said Marney Malabar, the director of kids’ TV at TVO. “TVOKids allows kids to continue learning once class gets out, further helping them to develop key skills and knowledge about the world around them. The Mystery Files will help kids to develop their problem-solving skills while learning about Canadian history and social studies and Finding Stuff Out’s new episodes will give kids even more ways to sharpen their inquiry skills while learning about science in the process.”