CAKE Co-Pro Space Chickens Starts Production


Production has begun on CAKE’s Space Chickens in Space, an animated co-pro commissioned by Disney EMEA and Channel 9 in Australia.

Space Chickens in Space is being made by Ánima, Studio Moshi and Gingerbread Animation. The 52×11-minute comedy centers on a trio of fowl who are mistakenly enrolled in an intergalactic former military academy. It is currently in production for broadcast later this year.

Created by José C. García de Letona and Rita Street, the series is geared toward viewers aged 6 to 11. CAKE is managing all international distribution outside of Latin America, which is being handled by Ánima, and Australia, where Studio Moshi secured deals with Channel 9 and Disney Australia.

Tom van Waveren, the CEO and creative director at CAKE, commented: “We fell in love with Space Chickens from the moment Ánima first presented the project to us. Its surreal concept combined with a fresh visual style will make for classic cartoon fun. Having Disney and Channel 9 come on board, as well as Studio Moshi, makes for a truly global Space Chickens alliance. Go, chickens!”

Fernando de Fuentes, the president of Ánima, noted: “Space Chickens in Space has been hatching in our hearts and in our minds for a long time. Having CAKE, Studio Moshi, Disney EMEA and Channel 9 Australia on board makes us proud and happy. We’re absolutely positive that everyone from Melbourne to London to Rio and all in between will fall in love with our three birds who always have each other’s backs…and wings and thighs!”

Jo Rooney, Nine Network’s co-head of drama, said: “We are very excited to bring this original and highly entertaining animated comedy series Space Chickens in Space to Australian children on the Nine Network. We are also delighted to be working once again with Studio Moshi.”

Andrew Davies, Studio Moshi’s CEO and executive producer, added: “It’s fantastic to be working with Ánima and CAKE to see this super surreal comedy Space Chickens in Space enjoyed on Channel 9 Australia, Disney EMEA/Australia and around the world by fellow feathery space cadets!”