Beyblade Burst Evolution Season Two Set for Italy’s Boing


SUNRIGHTS has licensed the second installment of the animated series Beyblade Burst Evolution to Mediaset RTI and Turner’s Boing in Italy.

Beyblade Burst Evolution continues the story of passionate blader Valt Aoi as he travels to Spain after being scouted by a prestigious club. Boing is scheduled to premiere the show’s 51×30-minute sophomore season on Tuesday, October 9.

“We are always on the lookout for the enduring power of a strong kids and teen brand, especially in a world where the choices are increasing daily for our audience,” said Alice Fedele, the content director for Turner Italy and Boing. “Beyblade Burst has proven to be a valuable franchise with a dedicated fan base, and we believe our viewers will enjoy the characters, competitions and storylines.”

Beyblade Burst has been enjoying a raft of strong free-to-air performances from key broadcasters across Europe, and we are pleased to welcome Boing to our television franchise family,” added Daizo Suzuki, the president of SUNRIGHTS. “The appeal of Beyblade Burst, which has evolved into a trusted and loved brand, has created a strong awareness and affinity that is an ever-attractive proposition for our broadcast partners.”