BBC Children’s Launches BBC Bitesize Preschool Content


BBC Children’s and Education has released the first wave of BBC Bitesize preschool content, aimed at kids around age 4.

The initial release focuses on English and math and taps into some of BBC Children’s most popular brands to aid in learning. In addition to engaging videos, over 100 guides are planned, covering topics ranging from how to hold a pencil to number bonds.

Support and advice for parents and carers is also available, with guides such as Why is Storytelling Good for Children’s Learning?, Helping Your Child Learn How to Count and What is Subitising?

“BBC Children’s and BBC Education have everything a parent and child need for starting school,” said Patricia Hidalgo, director of children’s and education. “From educational shows on CBeebies and CBBC to BBC Bitesize and BBC Teach, the BBC is here to guide them on their next step. This new content bridges a gap for children and is a helpful toolbox for teachers, parents, carers and kids to complement starting school.”

New content has also been released for Bitesize Primary and Bitesize Secondary. For Bitesize Primary, a new program of study for citizenship (year one to year six) is now available, as well as a new suite of guides, videos and interactives, with a focus on the geography of the U.K. For Bitesize Secondary, new interactive guides across a number of Key Stage 3 subjects are now available, as well as GCSE History topics.