Aunty B’s House in Production for CBC Kids


Production has begun on the new live-action preschool series Aunty B’s House, created by and starring Khalilah Brooks.

The 20×7-minute sitcom for preschoolers and their families is set in a foster home with foster mom Aunty B (Brooks) and her three foster children: Zack, played by Luke Dietz (Happy House of Frightenstein); Nendia Lewars (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) as Khadijah; and Claire Poon (Blue’s Clues & You!) as Shelley. Aunty B’s House focuses on heart, humor, music and unconditional love.

The series is based on Brook’s own experiences growing up in the Canadian foster care system.

Headspinner Productions is working on the project for CBC Kids, with additional funding support from the Canada Media Fund and the Shaw Rocket Fund.