Atlantyca Takes European Rights for Toy Cop


Atlantyca Entertainment has penned a deal with Korea’s OCON Studios for the European distribution rights to the preschool action series Toy Cop.

The 3D CGI series features heroes Hammer, TP, Toto and Scien—four brave toys dedicated to maintaining the peace in the room of the 5-year-old Dori. When he leaves the room, the bad toys, led by the villain Hades, create havoc and mess in the toy village, requiring the wonderful Toy Cops to restore the much-needed order.

Asian broadcast partners on the series have included KBS in Korea and RTV in Indonesia. Atlantyca Entertainment is presenting the show at MIPTV.

“We are really delighted to give visibility to this beloved preschool show that is already a success in Korea and Indonesia, and we are certain it will be a huge success in Europe, too,” said Alessandra Dematteis, distribution manager at Atlantyca.

Chloe Woo, VP at OCON Studios, added: “It’s a real pleasure to work with Atlantyca, which is one of the most experienced distributors in Europe. I strongly believe that Toy Cop will be successfully distributed in Europe and kids will love our property.”