ATF Spotlight: Studio 100 Media/m4e


Based on the successful movie saga, Arthur and the Minimoys is one of the highlights on offer from Studio 100 Media/m4e at ATF.

“Visionary director and producer Luc Besson created a visually breathtaking universe and exciting stories with his Arthur movies,” says Anke Manthey, sales project manager at the combined company. “Now he is back on the TV screen with this new action-packed CGI series.”

Also on offer is Wissper, about a little girl who can talk to animals, and The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill, which is inspired by the classic book character.

“In general, we’ve had the experience that buyers are looking for shows that have a central character and friends, portray positive role models and are filled with humor,” adds Manthey. “All three shows certainly cover these aspects.”