ATF Spotlight: Pingo Entertainment


Global launches have started for Pingo Entertainment’s Shasha & Milo, and the company is looking to meet with buyers and partners from Japan and Southeast Asia for the show.

The series centers on shape-shifting guardians—with the power to transform between human, cat and a formidable hybrid form—tasked with preventing dark magic from taking over their home.

Pingo Entertainment’s PimPim Series features bright and fun children’s songs, while Bboong-Uh Café is a non-verbal web animation about when a fish-shaped pastry unexpectedly comes across a coffee bean. PimPim Series has previously been broadcast on KBS2 in Korea. Bboong-Uh Café is based on a snack that is familiar within nations of Asia, which Pingo Entertainment believes will help it garner the attention of buyers in the region.