ATF Spotlight: Cyber Group Studios


Press Start! is among the titles Cyber Group Studios is bringing to ATF.

The comedy, adapted from Thomas Flintham’s best-selling series of books, follows two siblings who end up playing inside their favorite video game, Super Rabbit Boy, and become best friends with the titular hero.

The esports series Alex Player “mirrors Cyber Group Studios’ strong culture of innovation,” says Pauline Bérard, international sales executive, as it is produced with real-time animation. The cartoon comedy 50/50 Heroes centers on two siblings who have to share their powers evenly.

“On top of finding families and homes in Asia for these three IPs, our goal is to promote the group’s commitment to expand its slate of content, widening the array of animation techniques and targeting a broader age range,” Bérard says. She adds, “More than ever, we are looking at innovative, creative collaborations on the artistic and business fronts.”