Arc Productions Assets Acquired by Jam Filled


TORONTO: Jam Filled Entertainment, Boat Rocker Media’s latest acquisition, has purchased the principal assets of the recently closed Canadian animation studio Arc Productions.

This deal sees Jam Filled expanding into Toronto, effective immediately. A new office launches with around 200 employees and adds 3D to Jam Filled’s capabilities. The executive leadership and production will be managed by Kyle Mac Dougall, president of Jam Filled, and Jamie Leclaire and Phil Lafrance, Jam Filled’s creative directors.

Boat Rocker will continue to provide capital investment, business support and guidance to the entire Jam Filled team.

David Fortier and Ivan Schneeberg, co-executive chairmen, and John Young, CEO of Boat Rocker Media, said: “With Jam Filled, we collectively recognized the merit and potential for expansion within the premium animation space. By adding incredible talent with 3D expertise in Toronto, Jam Filled is now in production on select 3D projects as of today, while also retaining the ability to take on additional properties immediately. We are extremely excited to expand Jam Filled’s unique culture of professionalism and creativity with a new team, new partners and clients from around the world.”

“Jam Filled, with the support of Boat Rocker Media, is committed to creating great animated content and we are excited by this new stage in the company’s growth,” added Mac Dougall, Leclaire and Lafrance. “We knew Boat Rocker’s investment would create new opportunities to do what we love while paving the way for us to create big waves in the family and animation space. The acquisition of these new assets allows Jam Filled and its growing team of extraordinary animators to show off our animation service capabilities, as well as expand our staff to work on new and exciting projects in the kids’ and family sector.”