Angry Birds on the Run Adapted for New Platforms


Rovio Entertainment and CAKE are bringing the YouTube series Angry Birds on the Run to new platforms with a longer-form story.

Rovio is adapting Angry Birds on the Run into a 2×25-minute or 4×12-minute special. CAKE, which handles distribution of all Angry Birds TV content, will launch the adapted formats in addition to the series in its original format of 22×2.5 minutes.

Angry Birds on the Run debuted on the Angry Birds YouTube channel in late November 2018, with new episodes dropping every Saturday. The series follows Angry Birds Red, Chuck and Bomb out of the game that inspired the series and into the human world. The trio, faced with obstacles at every turn, embarks on a mission to get home before they are locked out of the game for good.

Angry Birds on the Run is developed and produced by Rovio Entertainment in association with CAKE’s Popcorn Digital and Blink Industries. Baker Terry writes and directs.

Joe Lawson, senior VP of content licensing for Rovio and executive producer of Angry Birds on the Run, said: “It was extremely gratifying to work with a truly unique talent like Baker Terry and the team at Blink who took our crazy idea of plush toys getting lost in the real world and made it into something unexpected, hilarious and special for our fans. And the success of the series speaks volumes to not just the appeal of these characters, but to the incredible stretch of the Angry Bird universe that we can experiment with storytelling in such a unique way and have fans react so positively.”

Terry said: “Angry Birds on the Run is a celebration of the fans who have been making their own weird and hilarious YouTube content with their favorite characters and games from the franchise for the past ten years. We wanted to keep the original charm of those fan-made videos, and Blink Industries has done a terrific job elevating the genre with outstanding visual and sound effects while still honoring that homemade tradition. It’s been a joy working with Rovio to create something that is pure fan service.”

Ed Galton, CCO and managing director at CAKE, added: “The winning combination of Rovio, Blink and Popcorn Digital has succeeded in creating a unique, imaginative and hilarious take on the Angry Birds tale. The series makes a great addition to the Angry Birds slate and we are looking forward to continuing to build on that success by bringing the show to multiple platforms and audiences around the world.”