ACTF to Fund Script Development for Trio of New Projects


At a board meeting this week, the Australian Children’s Television Foundation (ACTF) approved script development funding for three brand-new projects.

Bogan Entertainment Solutions in Victoria will receive A$25,000 ($20,000) for The Alchemist’s Delivery Service to create an animated teaser, extended bible and one episode script. In New South Wales, Cheeky Little Media is getting A$20,000 ($16,000) to develop the visual concepts, series bible and one script for Kangaroo Beach, while Fredbird Productions is being given A$19,565 ($15,685) for Pirate Time! to develop a series bible, characters and design.

Also at the meeting, the ACTF board approved stage three development for #Quirky from Sticky Pictures in New South Wales to fund further scripts for the live-action comedy, which was created by Sue Keating and is meant for young viewers between the ages of 8 and 12.