9 Story Launches Garfield FAST Channel


9 Story Media Group and Cineverse Corp. have launched the channel 9 Story Presents: Garfield and Friends on Sling Freestream.

The new FAST channel features all seven seasons of Garfield and Friends, comprising 121 22-minute episodes, along with 12 specials and two direct-to-video titles.

Garfield and Friends is based on the iconic Garfield and U.S. Acres comic strips created by Jim Davis. It features the sarcastic, lazy feline Garfield, his dog friend Odie and his gullible owner Jon, along with others.

The channel launch lines up with Alcon Entertainment’s The Garfield Movie, which is debuted in U.S. theaters in May 2024 and has since crossed $230 million in global box-office revenue. The movie is distributed by Sony Pictures.

The 9 Story Presents: Garfield and Friends channel is part of Cineverse’s deal with 9 Story Media Group to develop and distribute FAST channels.

“The movie’s box-office success makes it an ideal time to bring Garfield and Friends back into viewers’ homes, so that grownups and a whole new era of fans can enjoy it once again,” said Marc Rashba, executive VP of partnerships at Cineverse. “As premium content with an established fan base, this new channel is a perfect addition to Cineverse’s offerings for platform partners and audiences.”