Who’s Asking? Recommissioned in Switzerland


Armoza Formats’ studio game show Who’s Asking? has been ordered for season eight in Switzerland.

Who’s Asking? is not just about what questions the participants must answer, but who is asking them. The game show will begin airing an eighth season of over 200 episodes in Switzerland on RTS.

The format was created by Igal Shilon, Harel Josefson, Guy Wasserman and United Studios of Israel.

Adva Avichzer, head of sales at Armoza Formats, said: “We have seen an increase in the need for affordable high-volume game shows that are not necessarily trivia based and Who’s Asking? fits this perfectly. It is a fantastic option for those looking to fill this brief, and its continued success around the world proves that the format works and works well. If you are looking for an engaging show for the entire nation, no matter the age, then this format is for you.”